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Welcome to the Central Department of Mathematics, Tribhuvan University! Mathematics is very interesting, important and forms the foundation of physical sciences and technology. Its importance is growing in various areas such as business, finance, management, engineering, ICT, biology, medicine, and many social sciences. The department was started in the same year as the establishment of Tribhuvan University in 1959 AD (2016 BS) and runs under the Institute of Science and Technology. It off...
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Jul 21 2020
Seminar cum Workshop on Mathematics and Its Applications
Jan 28 2020
Summer school on


21 Jul 2020
Seminar cum Workshop on Mathematics and Its Applications
The main objective of this seminar cum workshop is to upgrade the existing knowledge in research and create deeper interest in relative discipline. It aims to organize the seminar cum workshop by the respective M.Phil. batches and provides the opportunity to all M.Phil. students.

  1. Developing the academic leadership, knowledge, sound presentation skills and attitude necessary to pursue further research in mathematics.
  2. Providing a platform for the students to select the area of interest for research work.
  3. Encouraging M.Phil. and Master levels students to build good mathe- matical knowledge of basic understanding on research journey in natural and social sciences.
  4. Insisting the research students to solve real world problem by continuous encouragement.
  5. Building analytical capacity of critical appreciation of the others work or research.
  6. Acquiring capacity of understanding mathematical languages and terms in mathematical research.
  7. Establishing strong connection and collaboration between students and faculties.
  8. Preparing to write up peer-International research article towards excel- lence of mathematical research.