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Kedarnath Uprety Mathematics is one of the oldest and well developed disciplines of basic sciences. It plays an important role in physical, biological, engineering management and social sciences as well. We claim that Mathematics is Everywhere. Due to emerging technologies and advanced sciences, growing research int...
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Aug 28 2017
Preparation Workshop for UK-Nepal Cooperation in Emergency Management Research
Mar 18 2017
Seminar-Workshop on Graph Theory and Optimization with Applications in Industry and Society (Mar 26 – Apr 6, 2017)
Dec 12 2016
Workshop on Bi-level Optimization (Feb 28, 2017 to Mar 7, 2017)
 The Central Department of Mathematics TU (CDM) is  one  of  the  oldest  department  of  science  education  under  the Tribhuvan  University, Nepal.  The  CDM  was  established  in September 20, 1959  ( 4  which is started  at the  university  college Tripureshwor with  a  half  dozen  of  students  and  some faculty members. The department offers  four  semester courses  for master's degree (M.A./M.S.)  and  PhD in different  areas of mathematics. Now the department is shares a common block with  Statistics department in Kirtipur.
Prof. Asutosh Ganguly was the  first head of department, and the other  faculty membsrs were ; Professor Keshav Dev Bhattarai, Govinda Dev Pant and Dhup Ratna Bajracharya.  In 1961, the students were graduated from the department, first time. Since then the department has produced a good number of mathematician, among them some are working outside the country, like USA, Australia and other countries and most of them are working in the universities and colleges of Nepal. The  picture  shows the  students  of the  first  batch  with their  professors in the  university  of the department of mathematics. Prof. Dr. Ram Man Shrestha with his collegues and teachers are in the picture.  4th  Ashwin 2016 )   The CMD, TU is as old as the Tribhuvan University,  The picture of the central office Tripureshwor is shown below.